• Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Gain Confidence
  • Progress at Your Own Speed
  • Chart Your Results
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Teacher / Parent

  • Assess Student Instantly
  • Identify Student's Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Monitor and Evaluate Student development
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Homeschool Community

  • Complete SAT and ACT Analysis
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  In Depth Assessment

Student Performance Analysis

The  Student Performance Analysis allows the student to be thoroughly examined. With the help of the Knowledge Branch, Class Comparison, Time Analysis, and Difficulty Level the student will be able to see their results quickly and easily. The student can see in detail how they compare to their grade or to the national average. Their weaknesses and strengths are charted, so they can raise their score 100 points, 200 points, or more by targeting their area of studies. The student can view specific questions which were answered incorrectly or correctly. The most important information for the progress of the student can be viewed at the click of a mouse.

What is a Knowledge Branch

The Knowledge Branch is a series of levels that diagram a student, class, or even an institution's test results by breaking the test down from topic to sub-topic. The Knowledge Branch exposes inaccuracies at the core fundamental level isolating the exact issues.. The Knowledge Branch allows for easy access to view test results in over 50 essential concepts. The test results trace down to the individual building blocks exposing a student’s weakness at the most basic level. The  Knowledge Branch  saves parents,teachers, classes, and institutions time and resources by pin pointing the needs of the student and class immediately.

Time Analysis

The Time Analysis allows students and teachers to see the length of time it takes for a question to be answered. The correct or incorrect answers are then compared to the grade or national average. Students can also view specific questions and elements which were tested. Since most standard tests are created with time parameters, the Time Analysis assists students in allocating their time more efficient and effectively. The Time Analysis displays to parents and teachers the difficulty of a question or even which students are guessing. The Time Analysis can aid parents and teachers to craft exams by order of complexity.

Difficulty Level

The Difficulty Level displays a graphic analysis of the correlation between a student’s performance and the Difficulty Level of a question. By using both the correct or incorrect answers and the time analysis the Difficulty Level can be accurately identified. At each level, you can view a graphic of the total number of questions, the number of correct answers, and your answer. By having the ability to see the questions grouped into their level of difficulty it is easier to isolate the areas that need improvement.

  Performance Charts